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Press Tools

Authorized Press Tool

These electro-hydraulic press tools are designed for MOLCO JOINT and DOUBLE PRESS. We offer three models you can choose from, based on your purpose and environment.

1.BPD-08 (cord type)


This is popular model which is cord type with 100V power compatible with smaller diameters of MOLCO JOINT and DOUBLE PRESS.

  • Optional parts are sold separately.


SizeMolco JointDouble Press
13Su、20Su、25Su 13Su、20Su、25Su
Dimension 337(L) x 206(H) x 87(W)
Weight 5.5kg(incl. die 25Su)
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2.BPD-15R(rechargeable type)


This easy-to-use, portable model is powered by a rechargeable battery and requires no external power source.
Its lithium-ion battery can press twice as many times (about 200 times) as exsisting models when fully charged.

SizeMolco JointDouble Press
13Su、20Su、25Su 13Su、20Su、25Su
Dimention 324(L) x 245(H) x 90(W)
Weight 5.4kg (incl. the battery and 25 Su die)
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3.BPD-11(cord type)


For standard kit, this cord type press tool is compatible with larger diameters of MOLCO JOINT and DOUBLE PRESS.If you put an option jaw on it, you can also use for smaller diameters.Usualy, This press tool was a large pump type for larger diameters but now it is very handy.


Molco Joint 

Double press
13Su、20Su、25Su、30Su、40Su、50Su、60Su 13Su、20Su、25Su、30Su、40Su、50Su、60Su
Dimension 400(L)×270(H)×94(W)
Weight 10.3kg (incl. die 60Su)

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