Privacy Policy

Benkan Corporation (referred to as “We”) fully understands the importance of protecting information which can be used to identify our customers and stakeholders (referred to as “Personal Information”). The following policy is designed to show how we safeguard personal information in our business to protect our users’ privacy.

1. Definition of Personal Information

We define “Personal Information” as data relating to a living individual, including name, birth date and other descriptions, that enable a person to be identified, or data easily associated with supplementary information to make a person identifiable

2. Collection of Personal Information

We may collect Personal Information from our users when they make inquiries. As we collect those data, we clarify the purpose and the scope of use, and obtain them through lawful and legitimate means. The Personal Information we collect may include the following:

  • the items with ( ) are the data we collect only when the users provide us, or when we judged them necessary based on the content of the inquiry.
  1. Name
  2. (Age)
  3. (Sex)
  4. E-mail Address
  5. Phone numbers
  6. (Fax numbers)
  7. Address
  8. (Company, department, profession)
  9. A combination of personal data listed above that may enable to identify an individual
  10. Data related to the web pages you had access to (linked with other Personal Information)

3. Use of Personal Information

We use Personal Information collected from our users for the following purposes.

  1. For answering the inquiries from the users.
  2. For asking the users for confirmation about the content of their inquiries.
  3. For notifying our users of our services. We never disclose or provide Personal Information to third parties without notifying our users. We never disclose or provide Personal Information to third parties without notifying our users, except the following cases.
    • We may provide Personal Information upon requests from the national / local governments or their agencies when we need to cooperate for fulfillment of their duties specified in laws and regulations.
    • We may use Personal Information to protect the safety of one’s life, body or property. We may do so without permission from the owner of the information when it is deemed difficult to obtain it.

4. Protection of Personal Information

We protect Personal Information against unauthorized access, loss, revision and disclosure through physical/technological and human security control measures in compliance with relevant laws and regulation.

5. Correction, Deletion of Personal Information

For correction or deletion of the Personal Information you provided, please contact us using the information provided in 7.

6. Cookie

We may use cookie to improve our services. Data collected through cookies do not include information that makes a person identifiable, and therefore do not infringe on our users’ privacy.
If you do not want to receive cookies from our website, you can change the settings on your browser.

  • Cookie is a small amount of data sent from the server to your web browser and stored in your computer hard disk.

7. Contact Us


Benkan Corporation
2-5-13, Sannou, Otaku, Tokyo, Japan.


E-mail address


Phone number



Ryosuke Matsumoto - Supervisory Department

8. Changes to This Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is subject to occasional revision. If we make any material changes to the Personal Information we collect, its use and other items, we will announce it through updates of this page.

Last revised on September 9, 2014
Shozo Okamoto
Chief Executive Officer
Benkan Corporation

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