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Management Policy

Dear our stakeholders,



I would like to begin by extending special thanks to all for your ongoing support of Benkan corporation's business activities.


Benkan corporation opened its business as Nihon Benkan Industry corporation, established in 1947, and has been a leading company in the field of pipe joint manufacturing and distribution.


Once there was a time in the economic history described as "any product sells".  The past few decades has wittnessed the shift from "any product sells if it's good" to "any product sells if it's low-priced" due to the influx of imported goods. While "product-oriented" marketing is sometimes considered to be out of date, we have ventured to continue our committment to craftsmanship.


Through such a stance, we have received a lot of trust, support and encouragement from our customers and partners. Our welded joints and mechanical joints are now used in the piping systems for residential buildings (houses, apartments), various facilities (hotels, office buildings, intelligent buildings, and hospitals), basic industries and other plants (such as power stations, gas distributors , oil refineries, and shipyards) all across the country.


As our next step of progress, Benkan corporation began independent operations when it was spun off from our group to specialize in Mechanical Joints product line.


Our mechanical joints have already served for various needs in the plumbing industry as "Benkan of Stainless Steel", and will remain one of our main product lines.


However, we will endeavor to advance our enterprise in an even more prompt and thorough manner.


We are facing the drastic changes of today's world, such as unpredictable market trends, the business opportunities the Olympic Games brings, earthquakes, economic growths in emergent nations, and fluctuating exchange rates. As these tendencies are expected to accelerate, we will make constant efforts to incorporate the needs of the market into our business strategies.


Our long-cherished slogan "Tackle the Changes, with Wisdom and Courage!" represents the principle we pursue: keenness to respond to the economic climate and resilience to the dynamics of global society.


Without being satisfied with our current situation, Benkan Corporation will continuously seek to expand our presence, with a sharp sense of mission in the minds of all employees. We hope to receive your continued patronage. Thank you.


August 1st, 2016



BENKAN Corporation



Tackle the Changes, with Wisdom and Courage!  

We keenly respond to the economic climate and strengthen our resilience to the everchanging world.


We propose reliable lifeline systems through the development and provision of plumbing materials, constantly envisioning a future for all users worldwide.


  1. Right products at the right time for our customers' satisfaction.
  2. We identify potential demand and reach for new customers.
  3. We earn legitimate profit for stable management, business growth, and the benefit of our employees.
  4. We provide motivating work environments for all employees.
  5. We work for hapiness of all our stakeholders.

?Action Agenda

  1. We watch, listen, and respond quickly.
    We stay keen for our customers' needs and provide high quality services.
  2. We continue on tackling challanges.
    We keep a sound sense of ownership and innovative mind, and tackle challanges with our unique creativity and technology.
  3. We prioritize safety over everything.
    We protect the safety of our employees, and provide safe products and services.
  4. We aim to meet the societal needs through our business.  
    We contribute to society by development and provision of lifeline systems.
  5. We comply with the rules and regulations in the society.  
    We fulfill CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) through our fair corporate activities. We offer accurate information speedily, and contribute to Global environmental protection.
    • CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility)= a management approach that contributes to sustainable development of society by delivering economic, social and environmental benefits for all stakeholders.  
  6. We, as one team, do our best for company's development.
    We respect every employees and their ideas as our property, and make the most of them for company's development.
  7. We keep making progrees toward to our bright  future!
    We always envision for our bright future, and seek to realize the dreams of all the people concerned.

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