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Our General Agent in China--ERE(Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd.

BENKAN’s main business is developing and manufacturing the stainless steel pipes and fittings use for water or hot water supply system in Japan. In order to expend the business scale, we are actively developing the overseas market. Today, I want to introduce one of our partners -- ERE(Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd of China. The office is located in Shanghai, the biggest city of China, the output value even bigger than BEIJING(The capital of China). The bund is the most representative landscape of Shanghai which everyone must have seen it on TV.

Chinese pipe and fitting market used to look for cheap products.  For example, PPR pipes, a kind of plastic pipe, are very cheap and easy to make. Only the important facilities like airports, schools or the government buildings are using stainless pipes.

However, all of these have become the past. The new China is getting more and more like Japan, more focusing on high quality products even they are a little more expensive. In order to meet such needs, our general agent--ERE imported our stainless SU pipes and Double Press to give Chinese a more healthy and convenient life.

Last year, we had a TV commercial broadcast on Shanghai TV program.  Also, at “Kitchen & Bath China 2017” exhibition, our booth was successful.  A program in Shanghai TV called “Orient image” interviewed our president Okamoto (the picture on the left).


Thanks for ERE--our partner in China. Let Chinese know BENKAN. We will keep doing our best to make a better life for Chinese. Not only in Shanghai, but also in every city in China.

Overseas Sales Section

Minglang Li

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ERE (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd