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Unique high education institution in Vietnam

Let us introduce College of Urban Works Construction. College of Urban Works Construction is a national university located in Ha Noi, Vietnam. They are a very curious institution of high education since they devote themselves to the technology of the building facility, mainly specialized in air conditions, sanitary conditions, electricity.

This occation, College of Urban Works Construction introduced Benkan's stainless steel plumbing system to the education course of sanitary conditions.

They are prestigious university as they participated in the "World Skills Competition" held in Sao Paulo, Brazil in year 2015 as a national team from Vietnam

"World Skills Competition" is held in every 2 year, then many national teams from more than 50 nations participate and compete their own echniques

It is just like Olympic games

This year, the compatition will held in October in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

And College of Urban Works Construction enters a competition as Vietnam national team again.


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We are very proud of our plumbing system because such great university acknowledged the good performance of our system and selected us.

According to the university president, Mr BUI HONG HUE, in an interview, 

"Everyday, College of Urban Works Construction is studying rapidly‐advancing technology for building utility so hard

We confidently believe that the demands of Stainless plumbing system will steadily rise from the viewpoint of its durability and hygiene

Benkan manufactures the products in Vietnam for stainless steel plumbing system.

By taking in "Most advanced Japanese technology which manufactured in Vietnam", College of Urban Works Construction will contribute to the industrial development of the construction in Vietnam

Thank you so much for your nice words Mr BUI HONG HUE.  We are so glad to hear that.

Our devotion to studying and development to match market needs will ever continue, and make the further contributions friendly relations between Japan and Vietnam.


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Kouji Asada

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