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Our Whole Distributor in China - Shanghai ERE Trading Co., Ltd

Let us introduce the whole distributor of Benkan brand products in China - Shanghai ERE Trading Co., Ltd.

We entrust the whole customer supports in China to Shanghai ERE Trading Co., Ltd, such as recommendation of the best plumbing system, description of our products, lectures on the construction technique. They offer not only these support but also provide the various added values.They are based in Shanghai city and mainly develop the business activity there. As you know very well, Shanghai is the liveliest cosmopolitan city in China. For instance, Waitan, The Bund, is universally known. In particular, Xiaolongbao (Chinese steamed bun) in Shangai is perfection!


In Chinese system, the constructors buy only the space of the buildings After buying the building space, the constructor has a meeting with the consults with interior decorator to decides the the house interior, such as wall/floor coating materials, water circulation around kitchen, etc.


So is Water pipe plumbing system. Water pipe plumbing materials are also selected by the constructor. After that, the interior decorator requests the quotation of the materials to its supplier. At that point material supplier does not have pipe plumbing drawings, so they make a 3-dimensional sketch based on its 2-dimensional diagram. Next, they select the appropriate pipes, joints and valves and quote them accordingly. What is more, the supplier performs the construction work itself.


Now you know, Chinese suppliers of pipe plumbing materials offer the much wider range of the service rather than Japanese one. That is to say, suppliers of pipe plumbing materials in China must have not only the product's knowledge, but also highly specialized knowledge and skills in construction. As a manufacturer, Benkan corporation dispatches our technical staff to China to offer and share the knowledge with Shanghai ERE Trading, to assist their customer support.


We have been developping the core business activity around Shanghai city so far. But you'll see in near future that the whole of China is our business stage.


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