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Insulation Flanges (ENG)

[画像]ステンレス配管用 絶縁フランジ シリーズ

Fittings Compatible with Stainless Steel Pipes for Ordinary Piping

Product Summary


Left: stainless steel pipe / Right: PVC-lined steel pipe

Stainless steel pipes and fittings in direct contact with other components made from metal materials with different corrosion potentials may lead to galvanic corrosion.

In order to maximize the durability of your stainless steel piping system, please use the table below to check whether other materials pipe can be directly connected to stainless steel fittings. If it falls into the categories marked with “N/A”, an appropriate insulation procedure is required to prevent galvanic corrosion.

Galvanic Compatibility between Stainless Fittings and Other Metal Pipes/Components
Type of metal pipesDirect Connection to Stainless Steel Fittings
Copper pipe Available
PVC-lined steel pipe N/A
Zinc-plated steel pipe N/A
Bronze pipe Available
Anti-dezincification brass pipe Available
Brass pipe N/A


We offer various flanges and other items that enable to connect stainless steel fittings with metal pipes / components with different corrosion potentials.

Pipe Insulation Materials

We have different types of insulation products that enable the connection between stainless steel fittings and metal pipes / components with different corrosion potentials.



Insulation Coated Flange (CF)

A loose flange coated with nylon to insulate stainless steel pipes and other metal pipes, used in combination with the lap joint stub end (LT).

  • SS400 10K Loose flange.
  • The nylon coating has a dielectric strength greater than that of Bakelite (polyoxybenzylmethylenglycolanhydride).
  • The maximum operating temperature is 60°C.
  • The nuts and bolts used to fix the Insulation Coated Flanges do not require insulation for themselves.


Lap Joint Stub End (LT)

The lap joint stab end used in combination with Insulation Coated Flange. The plain end can be connected to Benkan mechanical joints.


Insulation Gasket with a Handle

A non-asbestos gasket insulation-coated with Teflon (TPFE).

  • The handle helps to align the gasket to the flange.
  • The outer edge is tightly sewn together to prevent it from peeling off.
  • The maximum operating temperature is 100°C.


Insulation Nut and Bolt

Nuts and bolts for flange connection designed to insulate stainless steel pipes and other metal pipes.

  • A set of a bolt, metal washer, insulation washer, insulation sleeve.
  • The head of the bolt has a green marking for easy visual indication.
  • When insulation is done at the nuts and bolts, there is no need to use an insulation flange.

Installation Example


In the picture, a stainless steel pipe for ordinary piping (left) is joined to a zinc-plated steel pipe (right) through flange connection. The stainless steel pipe is connected to the flange with a KFM3, Flange Adaptor Ⅲ(BK joint), on one end while on the other end, the zinc-plated steel pipe is attached to a threaded flange. Insulation Gasket and Insulation Nuts and Bolts are used to screw both flanges together.

Aside from the flanges, we offer other insulation materials including pipe unions.

Annex: How to Select Appropriate Materials for Flange Connection

  1. Check the outer diameter of the steel pipe to be connected to a stainless steel pipe.
  2. Using the table below, select the Coat Flange (CF) of the right size.
  3. Check the outer diameter of the stainless steel pipe.
  4. Using the table below, select the Lap Joint Stub End of the right size.
Specified OD for steel pipe CF Size
15A ½B
20A ¾B
25A 1B
32A 1¼B
40A 1½B
50A 2B
65A 2½B
LT Size
Specified OD for stainless steel pipe×CF Size
13 × ½B
20 × ¾B
25 × 1B
30 × 1B
× 1¼B
40 × 1¼B
× 1½B
50 × 1½B
× 2B
60 × 2B
× 2½B


*For further information of the products, please contact us through this page.

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